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From natural disasters to the failure of gas, water or light. Are you prepared for an emergency? In times of crisis it is important to be self-reliant. And that is more than taking an extra carton of milk at the supermarket. How long can you survive if you are cut off from the outside world?

The Dutch Prepper is a weblog and shop for Dutch "preppers". People who take self-reliance seriously. We help with advice and examples, and provide you with every conceivable product to be well prepared. Because that's what it's all about. Start prepping today.

Do you not need an emergency to enjoy the outdoors? Then we will also help you on your way. All our products are also excellent for outdoor survival.

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TIW Defence Spray

Pepper spray is illegal in the Netherlands. Fortunately, there is a good - perhaps even better - alternative!

The TIW Defense Spray actually works in the same way as pepper spray. You spray the spray into the face of your attacker, making it disorientated. The spray starts to foam as soon as the face (the skin) of your attacker is hit. This will take away the view and the attacker will rub his or her eyes, thereby enhancing the effect.

The spray has - compared to pepper spray - the advantage that the colorant remains visible on the face of your attacker for a few days. The attacker is therefore easier to recognize and therefore better traced by the police.

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