BLS 5600 Full Face Mask Bayonet

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BLS 5600 Full Face Mask Bayonet

The BLS 5600 full face mask is a high-quality mask which, with the right filters, offers perfect protection against harmful substances or gases.


The face piece is made of thermoplastic rubber and the fit is universal.

Fit and visibility

Due to the shape of the mask and the six easily adjustable straps, the BLS 5600 full face mask offers a perfect seal without unpleasant pressure on your nose or mouth. The design also allows for high visibility and little interference with the field of view due to the lower positioning of the filters.

Filter canister

For the right choice with regard to the filter, view the different degrees of protection. All filters are P3. This means that they at least offer protection against ordinary fine dust, harmful fine dust and toxic fine dust. The BLS 5600 Full Face Mask is a so-called twin filter mask. The price of the filter canisters for this mask is therefore based on a delivery of two pieces.


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