Terms and regulations regarding the purchase and use of (pocket) knives, arches and crossbows:

All knives, arches and crossbows offered by The Dutch Prepper are covered by the Netherlands Weapons and Ammunition Act and are thus legally valid in the Netherlands.

These weapons belong to the Category 4 Weapons and Ammunition Act, which states that this category of weapons is not prohibited by the government from having in-house but to be publicly supported.

Similarly, this law states that in the Netherlands a crossbow can be legally purchased when you are 18 years of age or older. For the sale of knives, arches and crossbows, The Dutch Prepper uses a minimum age of 18 years. By placing and completing an order, you indicate that you are 18 years of age or older.

Transport of bow / crossbow

During transport a bow or crossbow must not be accessible by hand. Always transport them in a bag or suitcase. It's forbidden to have a crossbow 'ready to shoot' during transport.

Use of bow / crossbow

Use a bow or crossbow only on your own premises where the arrow can not leave the terrain. Use on public premises as well as the hunting with crossbow is in the Netherlands forbidden by law .


The bow and crossbow are both powerful weapons and absolutely no toys. Never target people or animals.